Chris is a highly effective communicator with more than twenty-five years of experience in persuading judges, juries, parties and sometimes victims as a litigator of cases in both criminal and civil applications. He is a creative problem solver with acute attention to customer service and detail. During a time when you need somebody in your corner, fighting for you, Chris is up to the challenge.

Chris moved to DeKalb, IL from the east coast to pursue an education in law at Northern Illinois University. There, he earned his Juris Doctor degree. Upon graduation, Chris established himself in Rockford, IL. He worked for the city as a Special Assistant State’s Attorney prosecuting DUI and traffic cases.

After that, Chris partnered with a friend and former classmate to establish Byrd & Taylor, Attorneys at Law. Chris successfully defended criminal cases ranging from small traffic matters to a murder case. He also represented plaintiffs and defendants in civil court cases. Chris recently moved to Kendall County and established his own general law practice.

No matter your legal issue, Chris has the years of experience that your case requires. He has good insight having been on both the prosecution and defense side of the law, and he understands that every client is a unique case and he “Taylors” his legal solution to each individual specific needs.