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Suddenly finding yourself on the wrong side of the law is surely one of the most stressful situations a person can experience.

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Who I Am

Attorney Christopher J. Taylor is an attorney licensed to
practice in state and federal courts.

Having been licensed since 1991, Attorney Taylor has experience in diverse practice areas. Chris began his career as a prosecutor, handling DUI and traffic prosecutions for the City of Rockford for 3 years. Since 1994, Attorney Taylor has been in private practice , representing clients in many practice areas including Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation, Divorce, Personal Injury and License Reinstatement.

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Areas Including

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Criminal Defense

Criminal cases range from misdemeanors to murder cases. Misdemeanors carry possible county jail sentences up to a year

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Personal Injury

If you have been injured, whether by accident, dog bite or intentional wrong doing, having an experienced attorney to

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Civil Litigation

Litigation in any court, state or federal, requires knowledge of the rules and procedures.

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Divorce and Family Law cases are unpleasant experiences most times. The right lawyer will likely not make the

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License Reinstatement

A drivers license is a valuable commodity. Once lost, it can be hard to recover. Driving while one’s license is suspended or

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We take care of our clients cases with respect, strong sense
of responsibility, and an individual approach.